Learn the SECRETS of the Deadly Australians


Learn the secrets of the "Deadly Australians" that inhabit our beautiful forests and seas.

Understand the contributions they make to our ecosystem.

The "Deadly Australians" is a public awareness programme, educating Australian children about the dangers of the venomous wildlife that inhabit our suburban backyards, bush, beaches and sea.

The programme uses both live and preserved exhibits with extensive use of visual aids ... posters, maps etc.

Some of the exhibits displayed are:

  • Box Jellyfish
  • Blue-Ringed Octopus
  • Conus Shells
  • Stonefish and Ciguatoxic Fish
  • Arachnids - Ticks & Spiders
  • European Wasps
  • Small Scaled Snake
  • Taipan
  • Common Tiger Snake
  • Pythons, Lizards and Freshwater Turtles
  • Death Adders
  • Common Black Snake
  • Irukandji Jellyfish
  • Common Brown Snake
  • Sea Snakes
  • are displayed with a "hands on" session so as to enable students to appreciate non-venomous reptiles that occur throughout Australia.

    Come face to face with the "Deadly Australians" and non-venomous reptiles.

Each year in Australia at least 3,000 people require lifesaving C.S.L. antivenoms because of venomous bites and stings.

    Unfortunately many of those injured are children. At least one child is killed each year in North Australian waters by a Box Jellyfish.

    I believe that by helping our children to recognise and respect our dangerous creatures and understand their habits and habitats, many of these bites and stings could be avoided.

    Presented to over 1.2 million Australian children, "The Deadly Australians" is an Arts Council/Department of Education approved educational programme dedicated to this aim.

    I hope to be able to help educate Australian children as to how to avoid a venomous bite or sting and if bitten, how to cope with the situation.

    Would you please retain the brochure for the first aid information it contains.

    Thank you,

    Marc Dorse


All Australia's most venomous creatures

    • What they look like
    • Where they live
    • What they can do to you
    • What to do if you get bitten or stung
    • How to avoid them


    All schools visited by "The Deadly Australians" will be presented with a:

    Book of Dangerous Australian Creatures (Title will vary for Primary and Secondary Schools)
    Poster of Freshwater Turtles of Australia
    Poster of Dangerous Creatures of Australia

    Reproducible First Aid guides and teacher resource notes are supplied.