Cancellation Policy

Schools booking Deadly Australians do so knowing that the presentation will be made by Marc Dorse, one of Australia’s most recognised, respected and knowledgeable reptile experts. As such, Marc plans his itinerary in advance to get to all corners of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.
We understand that there are times when cancellation are necessary and have appropriate policies in place to assist schools in meeting their changing circumstances.

A cancellation of a booking made for one term must be received by first day of previous term i.e. a term 4 cancellation needs to be received by first day of term 3, otherwise a cancellation fee of 50% of original booking will be charged.  As an example, a booking of 500 students will attract a fee of 250 students at current rate.

To compensate schools that have cancelled and have incurred the standard cancellation fee, should a subsequent booking is made in the following year, Deadly Australians will refund 50% of the cancellation.

Schools will be exempt from cancellation fees should the cancellation be due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disaster or bereavement/tragedy.

Deadly Australians is always happy to negotiate with schools to achieve a win/win outcome.

Download the PDF of the Cancellation Policy HERE